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Spore - Horned Beast

by xaxx on 13/OCT/09 | Back to xaxx's Media

“Just came back to Spore after a year long vacation from it. The first time I played I tried to be nice and socialize with other creatures, but progress was not easily made that way. I became frustrated and annoyed by the game.

I just tried playing again, but this time I chose to kill the other creatures and progress that way. It was much easier and much more intuitive.

My game was crashing a lot, so I looked to see if updates were available for my graphics driver. That worked well because the game hasn't crashed since updating.

This was my creature at the end. I have a fascination with horned beasts - the more wicked the better. Maybe it's a strange and unhealthy fascination idk!”

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Spore (PC-MAC)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Life Development Sim
Release Date: 07/SEP/08
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